a photo of buZ blurr by a rusty car filled with keys

Fluke #21: The Colossus Compendium

by Fluke Author

This entire issue of Fluke Fanzine is dedicated to the life and legacy of prolific outsider artist buZ blurr, aka The Colossus of Roads, Emperor of the South. Inside you'll find three extensive interviews conducted between 2012 and 2019, full-color photos of the artist at work and some of his famous collages. The artist lived in Arkansas and worked on the rails to pay his bills, where he created and was inspired by train graffiti; he was also a staple of the Mail Art movement and worked in many media, including filling his old car with keys that people mailed him in a work titled "Fill the Ford (Fully) Folly." He made work and shared it wildly and widely for over 50 years.