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Fluke #19.5: The First Two Years

by Fluke Author

In this massive fanzine, Fluke has done it again and brought you all the best '90s punk content compiled from the first two issues of the original Fluke zine as well as the 14th issue. With original photographs of and interviews with bands like Fugazi, Lungfish, Trusy, Plaid Retina, Econochrist, and more, alongside comics, record reviews, old concert flyers, fan letters, and assorted paraphernalia from a bygone era, Fluke #19.5: The First Two Years will transport you back in time to the Little Rock, Arkansas punk scene. The creators of this zine took advantage of Little Rock's location between other tour stops to get the inside scoop from bands on their way through town, and in the process helped foster a whole community. Those nostalgic for the DIY ethos of '90s punk fanzines will eat this compilation up, and those unfamiliar with this specific aesthetic will get a crash course with this spectacular zine.