Leaflet marijuana cannabis strain tracking journal by Daniel Cole


by Daniel Cole Author

Sour Diesel or Agent Orange? Blue Dream or Master Kush? Is there even a difference?

As marijuana becomes more legally accessible, there's a LOT of information and options out there, but what do you do with all of it?

For the cannabis connoisseur in all of us, Leaflet is a chance to take control of your experience: to understand which strains you react to, and how.

Designed to help you keep track of your smoking experiences, this pocket-sized tracking journal gives you space to jot down pertinent details about the strains you use and how you react to each, along with room for pipe-dream-doodles and your overall rating.

Seize your high!



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Do you want to keep track of your adventures through the landscape of newly legalized weed but are plagued by a short term memory?
Do you want to keep a list of the dankest strains you smoked but can't remember the names of them after you leave the dispensary?
Are you overjoyed to have finally found the perfect dispensary only to forget the name and location of it when you stroll out completely baked?
Well now you have a way to keep track of all the marijuana facts your short term memory can no longer hold.
Now as you are out and about looking for the perfect strain you'll have a pocket guide to supreme dankness you can carry with you at all times!