Incandescent: A color film zine: Issue Ten

Incandescent: A color film zine: Issue Ten

  "Incandescent" is a bi-annual international zine showcasing emerging photographers with full-color photography put out by Pine Island Press.

Issue Ten - Summer 2016

"Coming back to where you started"

From the foreword by Pony Jacobson:

Most often when we think of leaving and returning, we think of home. The place where we are safe. The place where we feel like our whole selves, our true selves, and where we can rest and recoup and exist just as we are. Home base. For many of us, home is the house, the apartment, the yurt, or the town we grew up in. And for others it's something else: it's the silhouette of your favorite goat behind the shade clothe, or the snow-capped mountain in the distance, or the heart(s) beating next to you in the same bed, held safe under your palm.