“Pol Pot Luck” Genocide-Themed Thanksgiving Party @ the Microcosm Publishing Store Nov 25th!

November 17, 2010 — by Microcosm

Dear Portland friends,

We're throwing a genocide-themed Thanksgiving party Nov 25th at the Microcosm Publishing zine store in SE Portland (636 SE 11th). Along with tasty veggie pot luck food, the “Pol Pot Luck” will feature select books on genocide and a board game battle based on imperialist themes.

Says Microcosm Publishing founder Joe Biel, “We'd like to remind people of the historical significance of Thanksgiving as told by those who didn't get to write history—as well as those who didn't get to write history throughout recorded time.”

All food will be vegan and gluten-free or clearly labeled otherwise. (Any major allergen ingredients will be labeled.)

The event runs from 2pm to 8pm and it's absolutely free. Come hang out all day. Bring a pot luck dish and your appetite (for destruction.)

Pol Pot Luck
Microcosm Publishing Store
636 SE 11th
Portland, OR 97216

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avatar bean l. y. 11/24/2010

Pretty sure my housemate said it best:

"But why even choose to be insensitive and offensive on purpose? And how does that not negate the entire idea of having a dialog in the first place? We live in a culture that openly celebrates the history of ethnic cleansing/genocide of indigenous peoples, so why even attempt to purposely downplay something that is already normalized by the broader culture? I think it shows a lot of entitlement, arrogance, and privilege to even think about doing this sort of thing. The fact of the matter is that using this sort of shock value to get people's attention, is still exploitative and dehumanizing of indigenous people's lived histories. Just because something is a 'spoof' doesn't mean that it's not messed up or offensive."

As if Joe Biel doesn't have enough to be ashamed of. Microcosm, wake the fuck up.

avatar E. Chris Lynch 11/24/2010

I don't have anything to do with the Pol Pot Luck, but I assume there is supposed to be an element of ironic humor to draw attention to the fact that thanksgiving is itself a celebration of genocide. Many board games (such as Puerto Rico, Risk, etc) are also thinly veiled glorification of systemic violence and genocide, so I assume that's what its about. If not, then I don't get it either.

avatar bean l. y. 11/23/2010

Um, Microcosm. WHAT THE FUCK?

A “genocide-themed Thanksgiving party” called “Pol Pot Luck” that aims to “explore” genocide through board games? What is WRONG with you? I can't believe that not a single person in this entire project called bullshit on this event, this flyer, or this write-up.