a man wearing an old-fashioned beak-like medical mask. He is framed in the rustic doorway of a dark house.

I Am The Dark Tourist: Travels to the Darkest Sites on Earth

by H.E. Sawyer Author

There are a lot of book about people's travels out there, but not a whole lot about people who have traversed macabre and morbid landmarks. In this book, H.E. Sawyer outlines iconic locations with histories of death and mystery, including in-depth stories related to the locations. With over 40 years of exploration and research, Sawyer brings his empathetic perspectives to dark stories typically considered tabooed. Confessing himself to be a "dark tourist", Sawyer answers and asks questions on the strange hobby, including why history's dirty secrets appeal to people. I Am The Dark Tourist is a great insider's guide to explore the world of dark tourism vicariously through an experienced aficionado.