a neon book cover picturing a flower with the petals plucked off

How to Date Men When You Hate Men

by Blythe Roberson Author

This "comedy philosophy" book irreverently takes on the deathly serious subject of navigating the patriarchy as a heterosexual woman. Blythe Roberson has been through the trenches of modern dating, and takes on vital topics of our times like how to tell whether or not it's a date (and make your own intentions clear, even if he doesn't), astute analyses of signals, flirtation, coded language, and what various lag times between returning texts means, critiques of using technology to manage relationships, and a crushing breakdown of why Tom Hanks is the villain of You've Got Mail. If you would prefer men not spread their unchecked privilege all over your life and society, but also enjoy kissing some of them, reading this book will be your equivalent of a very satisfying Saturday night in with a friend, eating popcorn and talking shit over terrible movies.