A teal cover with very pale text outlining all the things people can get addicted to. The author's photo is in the bottom right corner.

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

by Russell Brand Author

Russell Brand is the celebrity recovery flavor of the year. Every addict I know didn't want to like his book, but does. Our own Dr. Faith Harper says that it's the addiction book that she recommends above all others. It is well-written & engaging & funny. After almost a decade and a half of sobriety, Brand has become an advocate for recovery and mental health, and he's rewritten the traditional twelve steps to suit a more modern era and language, and to give people a system to help themselves even if they don't relate to more traditional programs. To give you an idea of what you're getting into, here's his version of the steps:

1. Are you fucked?

2. Could you not be fucked?

3. Are you, on your own, going to "unfuck" yourself?

4. Write down all the things that are fucking you up or have ever fucked you up and don’t lie, or leave anything out.

5. Honestly tell someone trustworthy about how fucked you are.

6. Well that’s revealed a lot of fucked up patterns. Do you want to stop it? Seriously?

7. Are you willing to live in a new way that’s not all about you and your previous, fucked up stuff? You have to.

8. Prepare to apologize to everyone for everything affected by your being so fucked up.

9. Now apologize. Unless that would make things worse.

10. Watch out for fucked up thinking and behaviour and be honest when it happens.

11. Stay connected to your new perspective.

12. Look at life less selfishly, be nice to everyone, help people if you can.