Pale blue cover with teal, yellow, and pink filigree and ribbon designs and pink and teal text.

Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance

by Rosie Molinary Author

This radical day-by-day guide is for anyone who wants to redefine their beauty while creating lasting good self-esteem! Beautiful You is a book of daily affirmations for the woman constantly besieged by images and messages in the media that tells them that they are not enough.  Drawing on tools for heightened self-awareness, creativity, and mind-body connections, Beautiful You incorporates practical techniques into a 365-day action plan that empowers women to embrace a healthy self-image, shore up self-confidence, break undermining habits of self-criticism, and champion their own emotional and physical wellbeing. If you need some genuinely positive new stuff to say to yourself that isn't self-criticism in disguise or all about being all hard on yourself for not being confident or positive enough, we've got it right here.