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Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships: Decoding Social Mysteries Through Autism's Unique Perspectives

by Sean Barron Author, Dr. Temple Grandin Author and Veronica Zysk Editor

Two esteemed autistic authors offer the 10 unspoken social rules they've learned through decades of building successful lives and careers. Rule #1 is meta: "Rules are not absolute; they are situation-based and people-based." Rule #4 is practical: "Honesty is different than diplomacy." Rule #5 sounds deceptively simple: "Being polite is appropriate in any situation." Grandin and Barron compare and contrast their perspectives, using personal anecdotes and psychological research to help explain why each rule exists and how and when to use it. The book is written for adults, with advice on navigating careers, friendships, dating, and relationships, but each rule also includes tips for teaching it to children of various ages.