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Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale

by Adam Minter Author

There is a huge global economy in secondhand goods. And now that everyone in the industrialized world is downsizing and decluttering everything in their life that doesn't spark joy, well that's a lot of new old stuff entering that economy. Journalist Adam Minter (not new to this; his other book is called Junkyard Planet) wondered where it all goes, who profits, and who loses out. The result is a fascinating journey around some of the world's less savory enterprises and charities, as well as a close look at how all that excess stuff was caused to be produced in the first place. If you've ever looked at some object in your possession and wondered what the heck to do with it—use it? Donate it? Throw it out?—and every answer seems like a bad one, this book will sit by your side and let you know that you aren't wrong to feel that way, and also offer a way forward, away from overconsumption.

(This book may contain a small mark on the bottom edge; in the publishing industry this means that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)