flowers and vines, along with a crescent moon and eye, radiate upward from an empathic person's head

I Don't Want to Be an Empath Anymore: How to Reclaim Your Power Over Emotional Overload, Maintain Boundaries, and Live Your Best Life

by Ora North Author and Danielle Dulsky Foreword

For the sensitive among us, who feel all the feelings, all the time, who can't turn it off, who find ourselves retreating from the world because other people's emotions are so loud around us... this book is for us. Extreme empathy is a heavy gift and can easily destroy us. Ora North walks us through understanding our empathy so we can master emotional energy, learn to distinguish between our own feelings and others, set healthy boundaries, identify and manage energetic patterns in relationships, and heal from trauma. A valuable resource for anyone burdened with this oft-misunderstood superpower.