a profile picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the title are laid out like a political poster

AOC: Fighter, Phenom, Changemaker

by Prachi Gupta Author

The story of a political rock star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who made history with her stunning rise from Bronx-raised bartender to the becoming a US congressperson who has had an outsize impact on this country's political culture and climate. Gupta, a political journalist who was disillusioned after the 2016 presidential election, tells the story in words, charts, and photographs of AOC's early life, campaign, accomplishments and legislation proposals, her innovative use of social media to engage constituents, the serious backlash against her by the president and the right wing news, and her membership in the group of four millenial women of color in Congress who became known as "the squad." Beyond the story of Ocasio-Cortez, this book is about the movement she has helmed and inspired, with proposals like the Green New Deal, abolishing ICE, and free public college for all.

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge, so that it can't be returned to a different wholesaler.)