Illustrations of a lemon, crescent moon, and a cup of tea

The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook: Holistic Healing Rituals for Every Day and Season

by Sarah Kucera Author and Suhas Kshirsagar Foreword

Get that raise; get good grades; make more money; squash your rivals! If like many others, you feel bogged down in an era where your accomplishments seem to define you, then this book will help you take a step back and consider your place in a more natural world. Written by the chiropractor, yoga instructor, and experienced Ayurvedic practitioner Sarah Kucera, this book breaks down Ayurveda healing (a form of holistic medicinal practice with roots in India) in a way that's easy to incorporate into one's own daily life. Filled with ways to ease into an Ayurvedic lifestyle, each ritual is clearly explained and rarely takes more than ten minutes out of your day, with most being within the three to five-minute range. Whether you're matching your schedule to a more natural ayurvedic rhythm, or are trying to eat foods that comply with your body's seasonal desires, this book offers great insight for those who are beginning their path towards Ayurvedic wellness, or for seasoned veterans who just want a bit of a refresher. Kucera is also well aware of the stresses of our modern era and has entire sections dedicated to offering solutions and coping mechanisms for those who feel they don't have enough time in their day. Whatever your situation, this book will aid in chipping away at any unhealthy practices you may have accumulated through life, while helping to replace them with more sustainable and emotionally wholesome substitutes.