a nude pregnant woman holds her extended belly like a ball

Why Did No One Tell Me This?: The Doulas' Honest Guide for Expectant Parents

by Natalia Hailes Author, Ash Spivak Author and Louise Reimer Illustrator

A personable and beautifully designed book that answers all the giant "What Ifs" of impending parenthood. Written by two doulas and refreshingly free of gendered assumptions, it starts with a guide to "tuning in to you"—what are your expectations about birth and parenthood? What was your own birth story? What are all these emotions? It explores what exactly is happening in your body and baby at every stage of pregancy, strategies and game plans for labor, and advice on how to tell what your newborn needs and when, and postpartum pitfalls. Each chapter provides clear, practical information, scripts for discussions with partners, doctors, and other family members, and an idea of what range of experiences are possible at each step of the process and how to manage each one, and warning signs. Includes refreshing real talk about topics like sex, new parents frustrations, and how to tell when your doctor is actually giving you good advice.  (Short Discount)