a skull in a coffin buried in the ground

Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster

by Jesse Michaels Author

The titular character, Roy Belkin, is a troll. Each day begins by monitoring Christian chat rooms and proposing theories on the cannibalizing of Jesus, a task dubbed The Service. When there are days he has to go out, venturing into the space called The Pounding, he returns to recount it in his journal (his Thunder Book) all the things that repulsed him. One day he returns to his apartment to find it ablaze, along with the suspected murder of his property manager. Belkin is forced out of his idiosyncratic shell to absolve the suspicion of his equally-weird neighbor. As he wades through the details of the crime, he finds wisdom in the madness, and the madness in mundanity of life. Jesse Michale's debut novel is already making waves as a genre-bending whodunnit in the digital age!