Spy Rock Memories by Larry Livermore

Spy Rock Memories

by Larry Livermore Author

In 1982 Larry Livermore, ex-greaser, post-hippie, burnt out and disillusioned by the Bay Area punk scene, journeyed north into an off the map, off the grid mountain wilderness that lay at the heart of California's Emerald Triangle, in search of something "real."

Somehow surviving his involvement with several self-destructive subcultures, he went on to co-found and run the legendary punk rock label, Lookout! Records, edit and publish Lookout zine, and play guitar and sing for the Lookouts. All three took their name and inspiration from a mountaintop tower overlooking the off-the-grid wilderness in Northern California where he lived for most of the 1980s.

For those of us who remember the 90s, Larry is a more-than-competent writer. His writing has appeared in Maximum Rocknroll, Flipside, Punk Planet, Hit List, Cometbus, Homocore, Verbicide, and Absolutely Zippo, and more. 

It's nice to read the charms of The Origin Story beyond a music scene that was a major influence and inspiration behind Microcosm and see how much similarity lies in our paths, though we do our best to conceal our hippie tendencies.

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Spy Rock Memories is an unflinching look at life in Northern California's Emerald Triangle, a world usually hidden from view. Part social history and part personal history, it is as critically insightful as it is hopelessly romantic.