a giant cheese puff

Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put in Us and on Us

by George Zaidan Author

How many times have you found yourself idly reading the ingredients while munching on a bright orange snack and wondering exactly what all that stuff is doing to the inside of your body? This book has the answers, delivered with humorous style and backed up by hard, hard science. Science producer and chemistry nerd Zaidan answers burning questions like, should you eat that cheese puff? How many Oreos are too many Oreos? Should you even use sunscreen if it's so toxic? Is coffee good or bad for you? Why do public pools smell so intense? Is nicotine bad or is it all the other stuff in cigarettes that kills you? There's so much misinformation and confusion (some of it seemingly intentional) about nutrition, chemicals, and health. Nobody has all the answers, and you won't find them all here, but you'll learn a lot to inform your critical thinking about what you eat—and what you read, on your food packaging and elsewhere.

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