several animals saying foul things

If Animals Could Talk: An Adult Coloring Book for Adults

by Carla Butwin Illustrator and Josh Cassidy Author

Commune with nature's filthiest minds

Born from the book that went viral, If Animals Could Talk, Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy created this coloring book so you can further channel and engage with the realness. Combining dark humor and intentionally child-like illustrations, they dive deep into the unfiltered minds of your favorite animals, from the blobfish to the blowfish, iguana to raccoon. In the immortal words of the llama, "Everything's f*cked." But at least we can color, laugh, and commune with nature at its raunchiest.


  • a bunch of unimpressed animals

Out now! Stay tuned for a reboot of the original If Animals Could Talk book coming spring 2022 with more animals and even more bad words.