title of book encircled by astrological symbols.

Astrotherapy: Discover How to Live Better and Move Forward in Life with Your Astral Theme

by Phillippe Regnicoli Author

Find serenity thanks to the stars! Astrology, the discipline of the mind and the study of the human psyche, has become a true psychology. No longer perceived as magical or mystical, it is now viewed as a serious and accessible tool for personal development and self-knowledge. Astrology establishes correlations between what happens astronomically and what happens in nature. Over the centuries, it has become enriched by advances in mathematics, geometry, astronomy, and, most recently, the New Age movement. By studying Astrotherapy, you'll receive the keys to approach every aspect of your life, from love to family to your job, with the personalized tools and techniques you need to live better and move forward in your life. Unleash your full potential!