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Winning the Green New Deal: Why We Must, How We Can

by Varshini Prakash Author and Guido Girgenti Author

In October 2018, scientists warned that we have fewer than 12 years left to move away from fossil fuels, or face catastrophic climate change. At that moment, there was no plan in the US to decarbonize our economy quickly enough. Two years later, every major Democratic presidential candidate embraced the vision of the Green New Deal—a rapid, vast transformation of our economy to avert climate catastrophe while securing economic and racial justice for all. In Winning a Green New Deal, leading youth activists, journalists, and policymakers explain why we need a transformative agenda to avert crisis, and how our movement can organize to win. Learn why the climate crisis cannot be solved unless we also confront inequality and racism, how movements can redefine what’s politically possible and overcome the opposition of fossil fuel billionaires, and how a Green New Deal will build a just and thriving economy for all of us. (Short Discount)