Rebel Bookseller by Andrew Laties

Rebel Bookseller

by Andrew Laties Author

A document of how chain bookstores wrecked the industry for everyone, especially readers and book lovers, by the man who nearly invented in-store events, community outreach, and store mailings. Andrew Laties has been in the trenches of bookselling and community organizing for the last 20 years. In addition to this history, you'll find a masked how-to guide to start, and succeed, in your own bookselling endeavors, in the face of the competition from the chains and big conglomerate jerks. Andrew is not afraid to shame the chains, and is blunt and open when possible. A welcome change for this subject matter, there is a lot of great opinion and passion here, as well as practical tips for effective independent bookselling. It's a big inspirational tip. (Short Discount) Listen to a chapter from the book!

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On Chapter Five now....Anyone interested in distro'ing, or even getting their own work distro'ed should read this. A great inside history of booksellers is weaved throughout.