a bunch of tools laid out very neatly

Shop Class for Everyone: Practical Life Skills in 83 Projects

by Sharon Bowers Author and David Bowers Author

Need to fix, make, wire, or build something? This book is packed with instructions and diagrams that teach you how to be handy around the house. Like shop class distilled into a book, but with modern design and without the teenaged awkwardness. Tutorials range from relatively simple, like how to hang a picture or unclog a drain, to more complicated, like building a stylish step stool or bookcase, changing a flat on a car or bicycle, installing a dimmer switch, or plastering a wall. The language is non-technical, the diagrams are clear and don't assume you know anything, and the whole thing is rather accessible and useful. Includes plumbing, woodwork, metalwork, electrical, mechanical, and domestic repair projects.