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BIFF at Work: Your Guide to Difficult Workplace Communication

by Bill Eddy Author and Megan Hunter Author

Have you ever received an email that made your heart beat faster or spiked your blood pressure? We all know we're not supposed to respond right away, but how you respond will either increase or decrease the hostility and conflict. Hostile and undermining emails, letters, texts, and conversations can drain inordinate amounts of time, emotional energy and expense in the workplace. For over a dozen years, the BIFF method of communicating in writing has helped thousands of people calm conflicts and create clear communication in response to misinformation, blame, and unnecessary anger. BIFF (Brief, Informative, Friendly, Firm) is a simple, practical and structured way to respond to nasty emails or any written communication. It can help you get the outcomes you want by diffusing tension, containing conflict, and establishing professional boundaries.