Sticker #231: start as you want to continue

Sticker #231start as you want to continue

by Joe Biel Author

The beginning contains everything that follows after it. That's why the way you start something shapes the way it will continue. Slap this sticker up wherever you need to to remind yourself how important beginnings are and to keep up that positive attitude.

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there's a difference between an athlete and a jock. jocks are fucking losers that are pretentious and pick on people, athletes are sportsmen. jocks to me would be the dumb fucks that played basketball or football in high school, picked up on the punks or geeks or whatever, and then out of high school got into "alternative" lifestyle or whatever, and got into biking culture, but nothings changed, they're still douchebags that think they're better than everyone else.


I hate this one. I race but I also only commute by bike, does that make me a bad person? Is this really such a concern to you that you would feel the need to stick this on something?


Maybe. But the sport of cycling gets a lot of people out of their SUV's and out peddling. Can't be all bad.


Tolerate Machismo!
How do you propose to challenge it? Huh? Kick their asses? Pfffft! Right.

Whuh? Whudjya say? You want a piece of me?