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You, Recharged

by Polly Campbell Author

In You, Recharged, author and podcaster Polly Campbell shares her plan, process, and practices she used to avoid surgery, lose weight, improve her relationships, and create more meaning and energy in her life by adding in tiny, doable habits and a more forgiving mindset. She'll also guide you in developing a customized plan to recharge your own life!

When Polly got tired of her hoodie smelling like pizza and her days being clouded by midlife exhaustion, emotional burnout, and boredom, she decided to get off the couch and reclaim her vitality health. But could this burned-out, chronically ill, middle-aged mother of a teen rediscover her mojo? Yes! And so can you! Sure, there are challenges, setbacks, and plenty of things that piss us off, but they don’t have to deplete us. You don’t have to quit your mundane job, cut out cocktails, or sign-off of social media to recharge. This book will show you how to add things in―good habits, practices, fun, people, activities, self-care strategies―that will ignite your essential energy and help you feel happier, healthier, and more alive. You, Recharged is filled with: easy-to-apply, practical strategies to ease stress, boost energy, and improve vitality health and well-being; short chapters, delivered in a relatable, conversational tone, with plenty of humor; and lots of hope and inspiration!