pestle and mortar surrounded by various herbs.

Medicinal Herbs for Family Health and Wellness: 123 Trusted Recipes for Common Concerns, from Allergies and Asthma to Sunburns and Toothaches

by JJ Pursell Author

Looking for safe and natural ways to help keep your family healthy? Naturopathic physician Dr. JJ Pursell is here to help with herbal recipes focused on whole-family health, sharing a smorgasbord of recipes tailored to the needs of women, men, kids, babies, and the elderly. This guide covers everything from asthma, allergies, and heart health, to pregnancy, lactation, cradle cap, and colic. Recipes include capsules, salves, teas, tinctures, and more that are safe and easy to create at home. You will also learn how to build a home apothecary that's stocked with the most powerful herbs!