a rose petal and some sprigs of various herbs

The Woman's Herbal Apothecary: 200 Natural Remedies for Healing, Hormone Balance, Beauty and Longevity, and Creating Calm

by JJ Pursell Author

For advanced practitioners of herbal medicine and novices alike, this guide to creating better health through herbal remedies can help women everywhere feel a greater sense of wellbeing without resorting to expensive pharmaceuticals with unpleasant side effects. Whether you are struggling with menstrual cramps, pregnancy, aging, UTIs, low libido, or a host of other concerns, this book can help you use common herbs and plants to enhance your health and get you back on the right track. Author, naturopath, and master herbalist JJ Pursell explains which herbs to take preventatively or therapeutically, which ones have contraindications or negative effects when mixed, and which ones to avoid altogether. A great read for any woman looking to improve her health with natural means.