a naked female body drawn abstractly as a maze

Are You Coming?: A Vagina Owner's Guide to Orgasm

by Laura Hiddinga Author

It's no exaggeration to say that heterosexual women often get less pleasure from sex than their male partners. In fact, only 65 percent of women in heterosexual relationships report consistently achieving orgasm from sex, while 95 percent of their male partners get there every time. Whether you're straight or not, this book can help you troubleshoot what's keeping you from experiencing orgasms more consistently, and help to eliminate that 'orgasm gap.' In this roadmap to the 'Big O,' author Laura Hiddinga walks the reader through the various kinds of orgasms people with vaginas can experience, and offers specific advice for how to best service yourself and how to have conversations about what turns you on with your partner. If you're experiencing specific kinds of difficulties, Hiddinga has you covered as well, with advice for a range of concerns that vagina owners might have, from a lack of moisture, to painful sex and vaginismus. Whatever gets you going, this book can take your climax from orgasm to orgasmost.