various household products made from materials other than plastic.

Living Without Plastic

by Christine Wong Author and Brigette Allen Author

Plastic is ubiquitous—there are so many products we use and own that contain some form of plastic. Living Without Plastic is an eye-opening book that shows how overdependent humans are to plastics, which is causing a global disaster, and strives to teach us how to solve this problem by ditching plastic and instead switching to environmentally friendly alternatives such as plastic-free pens and toothbrushes, reusable glass containers, natural loofahs, cloth grocery bags, and so much more. This illustrated guide offers more than 100 swaps for the most common single-use plastic items, a 30-Day Plastic Detox Program, and resources for further advocacy and understanding, as well as a foreword by the experts from Plastic Oceans International. Living Without Plastic is a cover-to-cover collection of doable, differencemaking solutions that will surely inspire you to embrace a plastic-free lifestyle.