two UFOs hovering in the sky.

UFO FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Roswell, Aliens, Whirling Discs and Flying Saucers

by David J. Hogan Author

Since the famed Kenneth Arnold “flying saucer” sighting of 1947, the world has been fascinated and unnerved by mysterious objects in the sky. Millennia of recorded human history report UFOs, and everything from the extinction of dinosaurs to the origins of humankind have been attributed to them, but what exactly are they? Featuring material from a treasure trove of UFO/Project Blue Book archives declassified in 2015, UFO FAQ is an all-inclusive guide to UFO lore—hard science and hoaxes, sightings and abductions, noted UFO proponents and skeptics, and sanctioned research and purported government cover-ups. Meet cultists and explore worldwide UFO “hot spots.” Learn about UFOs in World War II, the Cold War, and the age of terrorism. Zip along with UFOs in movies, comics, TV, and other popular media. (Short Discount)