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Earth Magic: Your Complete Guide to Natural Spells, Potions, Plants, Herbs, Witchcraft, and More

by Marie D. Jones Author

Nature’s magic is everywhere. It’s in backyards, in the woods, ponds, and even kitchens. You just need to know how to see it. It’s finding the well-being drawn from the energies of the Earth and the universe. It’s the herbs and plants, symbols and talismans, candles, stones, gems, and crystals, and their special powers and meanings, spells, potions, and animal and spirit guides. Even as it gives us the food, water, and air we need to survive, the Earth offers gifts far beyond the obvious. This magical tome will guide you through the rites, practices, and traditions people use to connect themselves to the planet, spirits, and energies. Learn how the laws of the universe and the forces of science can allow you to achieve your desires and intentions by aligning unseen energy. Find the wisdom in the stars and planets above and the Earth below. Bring balance and harmony to modern life through the healing and uplifting powers nature.