Angela Davis: An Autobiography

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

by Angela Davis Author

Originally published in 1974 and written when Angela Davis was 25, this is a fine telling of the situations and struggle of the 60s and 70s. Often misunderstood, Angela did not want to write a 'personal' autobiography and thus was reluctant to do a book like this in the first place. She didn't see herself as that different from the lives of the millions of struggling people that she and her efforts sought to better. Every facet of her own life that she chose to share with us here is tied in some way to that struggle to bring dignity to the masses of human beings exploited throughout the world. What you walk away with after reading this book is how much she really does care about the lives of people. It's not just a bunch of abstract ideas, neat theories, or some trivial intellectual exercise. It really is life and death issues. And she fought for the lives of many as if she would fight for her own.

  • Angela Davis: An Autobiography

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This is an amazingly inspiration read. Davis' seamless writing makes her autobiography incredibly accessible. Angela Davis knows where she stands, who the enemy is, when to compromise for the good of the struggle, and when to fight like hell. This is a good buy so that you can lend it out as well as have to re-read for inspiration. Especially recommended for overwhelmed-activist syndrome. Just reading about what Angela Davis did by 25 makes my head spin.


this is my favorite book in the whole world. i started reading it by chance, and was immediately addicted. i recommend this book to everyone, and i push my copy on all of my friends. READ IT!