Natural Disaster book cover

Natural Disaster

by Al Burian Author

Al Burian collects Burn Collector #10, 11, 12, 13 as well as Natural Disasters #1 and 2 and a teeny bit from Punk Planet. The highlight is Al comparing himself to Kilgore Trout from Kurt Vonegut's "Breakfast of Champions", a man in his mid-50s still failed in his profession, using inventive ways of getting through life as an unsuccessful writer. This book features some of the most solid writing you'll encounter in zines; employing foreshadowing, characters, irony, recurring themes, and metaphor; making for an excellent read. If you aren't already familiar with Burn Collector or just never picked up some of these issues - close your curtains, unplug your phone, bake some cookies, and recline with this book! (Short Discount)

Comments & Reviews


“This is a collection of Al Burian zines; the Burn Collectors that were not already collected previously plus two of his latest zine Natural Disaster. Burn Collector was one of those ‘90s zines like Cometbus and Doris, which became the measure by which all zinesters thusly measured themselves and sought to replicate using their own hands and the power of Do It Yourself! … I Think Burian excels at capturing the malaise of not quite making it, letting things get away and kind of enjoying it.”