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Botanical Beauty Hunter: Natural Recipes

by Maddy Dixon Author

Make informed, sustainable, healthy skincare, hair care, and cosmetic choices with this guide to making your own beauty products. Avoid toxic synthetics and the damage they can do to your skin, your whole health, and the Earth, and refresh your self-care regimen and sense of do-it-yourself accomplishment. Broken down into sections focused on products for the face, body, hair & nails, and a chapter on self-care, there are recipes for scrubs, soaps, waxes, and teas, plus much to learn about choosing the right products for your skin and hair types, reading labels, understanding vitamins and supplements, natural perfume and make-up, bathing techniques, techniques like dry brushing and gua sha, and tending to important areas other beauty books neglect like your scalp, underarms, and eyes. This hardcover book is designed in full color and meant to be used as a practical resource for better understanding yourself and gaining the confidence that begets true beauty, from the inside out.