a medieval drawing of a sorceress lording it over some old women walking in a circle

Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder: The Venomous Maiden and Other Stories of the Supernatural

by Claude & Corinne Lecouteux Author

This collection of medieval European stories of witchcraft and supernatural events will thrill you, chill you, and educate you about their historical context, their cultural and esoteric meanings and symbols, and the way pagan traditions were cloaked in Christianity in order to be passed down through the ages. Some of the stories arose in the Greek and Roman empires, others made their way from the Middle East and India. Quite a few have never before been translated into English—unlike Grimm's fairy tales, these stories show powerful men in scandalous situations and therefore didn't get the same widespread, authorized distribution. You'll find connections with Aesop, Grimm, and more in these tales of talking animals, vengeful maidens, walking dead, demonic apparitions, secret magic, supernatural spouses, shocking miracles, heroic deeds, and wise fools.