a drawn sword in a goblet with a diagram around it

Qabalah for Wiccans: Ceremonial Magic on the Pagan Path

by Jack Chanek Author

By connecting Wiccan spirituality and the traditions of Qabalah, Jack Chanek offers readers a new hermeneutics and way of understanding the connection between these distinct faiths and metaphysical approaches. While Wiccan practices often derive from Pagan spiritualities, Qabalah takes its cues from Jewish and Christian traditions, and takes its name from the Jewish Kabbalah, a text outlining approaches to Jewish mysticism. Chanek describes how the mysticism of Qabalah relates to Wiccan theology and provides the reader with meditations and rituals to bring you a deeper understanding of your own unique metaphysical beliefs, tying both Wiccan and Qabalistic traditions to other ways of knowing and understanding the world, such as tarot, the four elements, and more. A profound introduction for newcomers to these traditions, and a further dive into the possibilities that await readers who already practice Wiccan and Qabalistic spiritualities.