a woman stands in front of a moon with ravens flying all about her, wearing a mask or headdress with a raven's skull and feathers

Dark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells for Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire

by C. Ara Campbell Author

Everyone can appreciate light magick, with its sunbeams and smiley vibes. But life isn't all happy-go-lucky all the time, is it? Sometimes you need to call upon dark magick to get you through the rough spots. In this guide, author C. Ara Campbell gives you detailed instructions for spells, invocations, and practices to call upon the wisdom of dark goddesses and use their magick to your advantage. Whether you've experienced a loss and need Persephone's guidance, or someone is encroaching on your home, your lover, or your business, and you need Kali's warrior energy, Campbell can help you access the feminine fire within to help you tackle whatever obstacles are in your way. An essential magickal guide for the witch developing a wider repertoire of spells.