a heart wrapped in barbed wire and set above leaves radiating out from it in all directions, and with a crown above it

Hoodoo Your Love: Conjure the Love You Want (and Keep It)

by Starr Casas Author

For the budding magical practitioner or the experienced conjurer, this book is full of love spells and rituals for conjuring all varieties of love. Whether you need help loving yourself, finding romantic love, or reviving lost loves, author Starr Casas has you covered. Born and raised in the culture of the Deep South, and a longtime practitioner of Hoodoo magic, Casas has written 13 books and taught many workshops on conjure work. Love magic is one of Casas specialties, but she has never written about it so extensively before now. With herbs, roots, candles, and some simple household items, anyone can start conjuring and drawing love towards themselves.