Cover with drawing of bottles and plants

Brew It Yourself: (xdistributed) Make Your Own Beer, Wine, Cider & Other Concoctions

by Nick Moyle Author and Richard Hood Author

More than 75 brewing recipes show that brewing your own alcoholic drinks can be easy, inexpensive, and quick. The authors combine their love of gardening and brewing with recipes that show you how to turn a visit to a fruit farm or a surplus harvest from your own garden into a variety of drinks, literally bringing brewing back down to earth. This book covers ancient mead and cider making, guides you through easy and popular beer recipes, show how to turn surplus fruit harvests into wines and liqueurs, all while taking the fear out of fermentating and debunking myths around home brewing. 

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge so that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)