a long haired singer in front of a microphone

The Grunge Diaries: Seattle, 1990-1994

by Dave Thompson Author

In the 1990s in Seattle, a whole genre of music was in the process of being born. From Nirvana, to Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden, grunge was coming into existence. In this book, author Dave Thompson chronicles his experience with grunge as a first-hand observer to this new musical phenomenon. Tracing its lineage back into 1970s punk bands and into the '90s where it ultimately flourished briefly and then fell out of popularity, Thompson takes the reader on a sonic journey through the acts, musicians, fans, and music industry figures who all helped to create this moment in Seattle. Through interviews, and personal writings, Thompson documents the grunge era, and ultimately, the last gasp of 20th century musical culture before the dot-com era changed music forever. A vital read for any music fan, and a fascinating look back at how the music scene used to operate in the absence of social media, internet culture, and streaming services.