a photo of a kid wearing a dress and holding a doll

How to Be a Girl: A Mother's Memoir of Raising Her Transgender Daughter

by Marlo Mack Author

An inspiring story of a trans child's journey towards becoming their truest self and of a mother's struggle to help her child on that journey. Author Marlo Mack's child was three when she told her mom that "something went wrong in your tummy. And it made me come out as a boy instead of a girl." This proclamation, taken in context with her repeated requests for dresses and long hair, showed Mack that this wasn't just experimentation or curiosity, but a profound and sincere yearning for a body different than the one they were born with. A beautiful and highly relatable story for any parent to a trans child, and filled with insights and lessons that a lot of cis folks could stand to learn. (Short Discount)