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Acid Test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal

In our society, drug use is often looked down upon and drug users stigmatized. The long "War on Drugs" has succeeded in shaping our societal perceptions of these substances, and in many ways foreclosing the possibility that they might have some legitimate utility. Author Tom Shroder is here to change our minds. Through a history of the drugs LSD and MDMA, told through the eyes of individuals who have benefited from their effects, Shroder shares stories of the positive impact these drugs have had on the lives of many, alleviating a range of psychic ailments from anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder. Ultimately, Shroder argues that these drugs - for so long outlawed - harbor a tremendous untapped potential to help suffering humans, and reminds us of the many thousands of people who have been needlessly criminalized for imbibing these compounds.