chameleons, toucans, butterflys, hummingbirds, and a variety of plants crowd around the title

Working with Nature: Saving and Using the World's Wild Places

by Jeremy Purseglove Author

It's no secret that we depend on the earth to sustain us, but the reality is that we have done a poor job of sustaining it. In this new book, author Jeremy Purseglove considers all the ways in which we are exceeding the earth's capacity to regenerate itself, and doing severe damage to various ecosystems. Whether its cocoa farming in Trinidad, or fruit orchards in Britain, cotton crops by the Aral Sea, or palm oil in Borneo, Purseglove takes a close look at what agricultural and production practices are currently in place and considers ways that we can adapt our practices to preserve the ecosystem while still producing the things we need. Packed with solutions every step of the way, Purseglove takes a more moderate and compromising stance, showing us how we can save earth's wild spaces even as we continue to harvest their bounty.