a young black boy surfs a wave.

Sea-Rod: A New Wave

by Young Authors Program Editor

All summer vacation Lance surfs on the beach, until one fatal afternoon Lance falls into the ocean and doesn't come up—until he emerges as Sea-Rod, a crime fighting superhero whose powers include teleportation, talking to animals, and a magic shield and sword made out of shells. Sea-Rod spends most of his days cleaning up Flame Island and fighting the evil supervillain Inferno, who is mind controlling the town to litter. Will Sea-Rod stop Inferno's evil plans? Will Flame Island ever be clean? This picture book was written by eight-year-old Lance Hamlett, published by Young Authors Publishing—a nonprofit children's book publisher focused on producing diverse and culturally relevant children's books and to use book publishing as a vehicle to economic mobility for our young authors. Royalties from their book sales are deposited into a savings account for each young author to access at 18 to use toward their post-secondary plans. (Short Discount)