a bully tries to bully a kid in a red cape.

Back Off, Bully!

by Young Authors Program Editor and Joshua Parks Author

Josh knows he can't fight the school bully who's started to pick on him, so he does the only thing he thinks will make him feel better: he begins to pick on other kids. When the mean kid is suspended from school, Josh realizes he needs to change his own ways to avoid the same fate. He pivots from being a bully to being a leader after learning that these two types of people aren’t so different—only it takes is a little kindness and understanding. This picture book was written by an eleven-year-old boy named Joshua Parks, published by Young Authors Publishing—a nonprofit children's book publisher focused on producing culturally relevant children's books and to use book publishing as a source of economic mobility for young authors. Royalties from their book sales are deposited into a savings account for each young author to access at 18 to use toward their post-secondary plans. (Short Discount)