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Pagan Curious: A Beginner's Guide to Nature, Magic & Spirituality

by Debra DeAngelo Author

This book for folks who are new to paganism and curious to learn more contains three sections. In the first, author Debra DeAngelo introduces the reader to the pagan conception of the inner realm, and encourages the reader to become acquainted with their true self. In the second section, DeAngelo asks the reader to consider the natural world in a different light, and to connect spiritually with the ecology of wherever you are. The third section introduces the reader to pagan magic and mysticism, teaching the reader rituals, spells, and incantations to deepen their understanding of pagan magical traditions and their spiritual experience of paganism. Complete with 40 different activities to draw you closer to yourself, the natural world, and the magical world, this book is an excellent starting place for folks seeking to gain a greater understanding of paganism and discover the magic all around them.