an illustration of a jar containing some sprigs of a plant, drawn in such a way as to appear as constellations above a forest

Flower Essences from the Witch's Garden

by Nicholas Pearson Author and Christopher Penczak Author

In this comprehensive guide to using flower essences in magic, you'll find recipes for creating single-flower essences as well as blends for therapeutic purposes. Not only will you learn how to create these essences, but you will learn the best ways to put them into effect in your magical practice, from marking out a sacred space, to preparing incense and candles. Whether you plan on using flower essences for meditation, rituals, potions, or spells, author Nicholas Pearson has you covered. Pearson can even instruct you in the art of creating spagyrics, or alchemical preparations designed to increase the vibrational potency of the body, mind, and plant spirit. With a detailed directory of 100 different flower essences, this book is an essential companion for witches of all skill levels.