a collage of four different houses in various states of repair, pieced together in lateral strips against a green background

Gentrifier: A Memoir

by Anne Elizabeth Moore Author

In 2016, Anne Elizabeth Moore was offered the opportunity to live in a house in 'Banglatown,' a primarily Bangladeshi neighborhood on Detroit's north side, chronicling her life there as well as the life of the neighborhood. The result is this powerful reflection on class, race, community solidarity, and the difficulties facing so many neighborhoods in so many cities around the world. After learning about the troubled history of the house she is living in, the author finds her life caught up in the aftershocks of the housing crisis, government corruption, and the drama of clashing identities as she gets to know her neighbors and navigates life in this rapidly changing neighborhood. While Gentrifier is about Detroit, there can be no doubt that its insights will resonate with people living in urban settings throughout America: the process of gentrification and the cold realities of the housing market are reshaping neighborhoods everywhere. For folks looking to better understand how these processes unfold and the downstream effects they produce, Moore's book could not be more timely.