a punk show with chaotic energy but all the audience is composed of seniors, complete with a walker going flying through the air

Too Tough to Die: An Aging Punx Anthology

by J.T. Yost Editor and Haleigh Buck Editor

In this graphic novel anthology that Publishers Weekly described as "massively entertaining introspective ode to rebellion," punk rears its spiky head into middle age and the senior centers of the world! From LOL- to cringe-inducing, these stories yearn for the nostalgic times of yore and ponder what the future holds as the punk ethos of living fast and dying young failed to materialize for some. With contributions from a wide variety of aging punks of all different backgrounds, this book remains unabashedly critical and inclusive of perspectives beyond the ones we've heard time and again. It's earnest, it's heartfelt, it's inspired, it's loving, and yet...punk has reached an age where it no longer purports to have all the answers!